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It hurt?

This is the first question, that everybody ask me, the most important one, the deal breaker one.

So I been doing laser hair removal for almost 12 years now, and I can say "Girls, we are a tough, race." I always say a little in same areas, and when the session start I can feel the pain the we put ourself trow. don't get me wrong it so worth it, when we don't have to shave our legs any more and jump in a little shorts, and ready to go. But I found it fascinating when we start we are all scare and the sessions go by and we are just like going to do another task. So my advice is just go fort it It hurt a little but its just so worth it.

and by the way I wont recommend any anesthesia in creams they don't work. A glass of wine will do the trick.

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1 Comment

Excelente atención por parte de MELISSA, muy profesional y aplicada... 20 puntos y 5 estrellas 😜..

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